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HCG Diet is proved to be fastest and easiest diet. helps you to achieve your weight loss goals fast. helped thousands of people to lose weight. We have HCG Diet plan easy to understand, provide full support of HCG Diet online, have HCG recipes and HCG Diet Map. locate in Salt Lake City, UT but helps people to lose weight all over the world.

Lose 1lb a day, guaranteed!

Lose weight, restart metabolism using Your – HCG Diet plan. HCG diet drops will help you to lose weight, keep it off and be happy!

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Facts about HCG Diet

•HCG is a natural homeopathic substance.
•You can lose 1-2 pounds per day on HCG Diet.
•There is no or mild hunger on the HCG diet.
•No injections required for HCG Drops. No doctor / nurse visits with HCG Diet from Your-HCG, no scheduling appointments, no shots or pain.
•The quality of HCG drops differ. Our HCG Drops are made in USA and have the highest quality. Your-HCG Diet Drops are made in the controlled environment and FDA approved laboratory that complies with all FDA regulations, licensed and insured.
•No prescription required. Homeopathic HCG Drops.
•HCG is safe for women and men.
•HCG is a natural hormone.
•HCG is an all-natural, holistic, organic substance
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Is HCG natural? Yes. Homeopathic hCG has natural human hormone diluted many thousands times. So when someone says that homeopathic hCG barely has any hCG, they are right. It is homeopathic HCG, which means it has just enough hormone to trigger weight loss, and not enough to cause side effects, if any… Homeopathy had been around for ages, and its great way to help your body without overdosing or overpowering…

Can I really lose 1 lb a day on HCG Diet from Yes! Thousands, hundred of thousands of people over and over lose 1 lb a day at least on HCG! HCG Diet plan is guaranteed to work!

Am I going to gain weight back after HCG Diet? Maybe. It all depends on you. HCG Diet is strict diet and has strict rules for maintenance as well. About 78 % of people have no problem keeping weigh off after HCG Diet. Others do not make changes in their life and do not follow maintenance rules of HCG Diet… They do gain some weight after HCG diet. If you decided to follow with hCG, please, be consistant.

Where can I get more information about HCG Diet? There are a lot of hCG groups on the facebook. You can get really connected… Join our page Your-hcg

your-hcg diet results

“30 day diet results – 29.9 lb! Amazing!”

Great HCG Diet Weight loss pictures
” I lost over 20lb on HCG from and look great!” Milla, Salt Lake City, UT
Great Your-HCG Weight loss pictures
“I only used HCG Diet for 15 days and lost 4 kg ( almost 8 lb!)” Igor, St. Peterburg, Russia
your best hcg diet
“Finally I feel confident and happy in black dress! HCG diet from gave me energy and desire to do more with my life!” Katya, Odessa, Ukraine
“I was super scared to start the HCG diet. I watched a few friends do HCG Diet, and they were super successful. I’ve always been a firm believer in eating healthy. (whole grains, organic, fresh, etc…) However, as I’ve gotten older, it’s… taken forever to lose weight. I did 33 days this past Jan/Feb. I did a 10 week maintenance, and now I’m on round 2. I was super skeptical with HCG’s claim that their program re-starst your metabolism, but it does. I ate healthy during maintenance, but if I did go off the program for a meal out, I didn’t put on weight the next day. Amazing! I used to have a 3-4 pound weight gain every time we’d go out for Mexican food. I feel like I have the metabolism back that I did when I was in my 20’s. Eating Healthy is key for long term weight loss, but it’s nice to have some flexibility for birthday parties, date nights, holiday dinners, etc…”
” I was getting ready for a pageant. I needed to gain form fast, look thin for a stage and have good skin. I started diet in January 2011 and by March 1st I was in perfect shape! Unbealievable! Two months! Look at the difference!”
“Wow! I can wear bikini now! Thanks to hCG! Why didn’t I do ts years ago?”
“I feel much more confident now!”







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