Steak day

HCG Diet has 4 stages, called “Phases”
Phase one of HCG Diet is optional phase of cleansing and prepairing for the diet.
Phase two HCG Diet is 500 calorie diet, also called VLCD – very low calorie diet.
Phase three of HCG Diet is maintenance and is ver important phase of HCG diet.
Phase four of HCG Diet is life after HCG diet. It is required to have at least 3 weeks of life between rouns of HCG diet for stabilization.

Steak Day is a fixer for Phase 3
Any day when your weight is over 2.1 lb during Phase 3 HCG Diet ( maintenance phase ) you need to do STEAK DAY
By Dr. Simeons : eat nothing at breakfast and lunch, but drink plent of fluids. In the evening, eat huge steak with only raw tomato or an apple.

Steak day should normalize your weight and help you to keep it under 2lb change in weight from the day of last HCG drop.